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Spring machine equipment automation system

  The design plan of the spring winding machine and wire forming equipment, the key production line includes 8 CNC spring winding machines, and the covered wire diameter range is 0.0015 to 0.787. The spring coiler can show up to six centerlines to produce a variety of springs and wires. AIM equipment is fast, durable and durable. The immediate servo controller is integrated on each production processing axis to allow separate manipulation of the CNC blade position.

       The driver system software of the spring machine equipment includes communication and exchange brushless servo motor, high-precision electric actuator, large planetary gear reducer, and its slide rail. This slide rail shows high accuracy and long life; the automatic control system according to the PC includes Windows mobile phone software, DeltaTau motion control system, industrial touch screen, manual roller and its various winding system software for manipulating auxiliary tools and equipment, and wire forming machinery and equipment with customized design schemes, the application must be different from the spring Manufacturers of winding and wire forming solutions, which in turn significantly increase output.