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How to solve the abnormal noise appeared in the spring machine

       With the unconventional increase of spring machine assembly in recent years, all aspects of spring machine performance are closely related to machine assembly. The technical requirements for assemblers are also very high, and various spring machine failures on the market are also coming. The more, there are some problems that many assembly manufacturers cannot solve due to lack of experience. Now we provide ways to repair the spring machine abnormal noise problems reflected by customers on the market.

Spring machine

  Spring machine abnormal sound is divided into two cases

  1. Driver parameter problem,

  Adjust the accuracy of the motor with a hand-held manipulator. Among them, the parameters Kp.Kff.Kvp and Tvi in MODE0 are reduced by the first three items, but this operation will reduce the accuracy of the mechanical work. So we only need to adjust the value to a moderate value when adjusting, and don't blindly pursue the mute effect and affect the accuracy.

  2. Mechanical precision problems

  Carefully identify whether it is gear noise or the sharp noise from the tail of the motor when the motor is running. Check whether the machine has loose parts. If conditions permit, you can also check for gaps between the gears. In general adjustment, just loosen the motor fixing screw and tighten the motor a little bit.