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How to deal with spring machine wire material

   Everyone must first grasp the basic concept of stopping use of the spring machine when the wire is used up. In fact, it is the basic principle of the control circuit caused by the total flow of a weak current installation (tip discharge). The total flow of weak current installation comes out of the network server and is injected into the automatic wire feeder, and then the raw material (stainless steel plate) used by everyone returns to the network server to cause the control circuit. When the control circuit is broken, the network server will give an alarm and the equipment will stop working. After the thread is used up, the equipment is continuously used. According to the basic principle, it can be established that the total flow (tip discharge) of the weak current installation is still caused by a control circuit. The causes of mechanical failure can be analyzed from four aspects:

spring machine

  1, the middle of the network server and the automatic wire feeder is also connected with stainless steel wire. Just look for a broken stainless steel wire.

  2, damp ground can also cause control circuits. When this happens, try to use cable sheath materials to protect the feeding rack and the ground safely.

  3, the 24 volt relay in the wire rack is damaged. You can exchange one of the same relays in the wire rack to identify mechanical failures.

  4. The motherboard of the controller is damaged. In this case, the external wiring of the motherboard must be cut off immediately. If it is still used, it can be distinguished that the motherboard is damaged. The above are some methods to eliminate the broken effect of the spring machine. I hope it can help you.