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Solution to abnormal spring machine electrode


  1. The computer numerical control spring machinery increases the camshaft operating angle of view of the electrode magnetic induction program flow. Because the viewing angle is very small, the program flow has moved to the next column before the electrodes are magnetically induced to the line. Therefore, if the application for electrode loss is unsuccessful, you can also set the standard value safely in the "electrode advance time" in the "main parameters of responsibility".

  2. If the problem still exists, turn on the mechanical equipment and press the "System Software Repair" button to select the "I/O Inspection Page" in the electrode inspection area in the upper left corner. Use the electrode of the equipment to knock the mechanical equipment (there is no paint to protect the conductivity) to see if the corresponding electrode grid is shining, if so, take the measures first according to the handling method. If not: (1) Replace the electrode head and electrode connection line, check the electrode head, whether the connection line on the airline connector can be loose.

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  (2) Start, tap the slider of the mechanical equipment rail with electrodes, and check whether there is a green light flashing on the I/0 input and output board, and the display information proe+big number flashes at the corresponding green light under accurate conditions bright. If there is no need to replace the I/0I/O board.

  (3). For example, the lamp on the I/O I/O board flashes, but the electrode grid on the computer's input/output check page does not flash. Please self-reflection on the milky white data signal cable from the I/0 board to the computer, unplug the two connectors of the cable, adjust the pins on the connector slimly with a flat-head screwdriver, and then press it.

  (4) In addition to the testing of the mechanical equipment of the CNC spring machine, the electrical conductivity function of the commercial cable needs to be tested. The spring machine is a key machine and equipment for people's production. It can produce springs and tension spring products. When using and actually operating the compression spring machine equipment, it is necessary to ensure safe production and carry out inspections on it to increase productivity.