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How to clean the spool spring machine?

        Spring machine is a kind of equipment used by spring manufacturers, a kind of exclusive equipment, used to produce springs, tension springs and other products.In order to protect our own production equipment, basic maintenance skills are needed, such as how to clean the spool spring machine?Take a look at the following 6 steps.

1, gasoline cleaning, high temperature will catch fire, the best to make it volatile after heat treatment;

2. Degreasing agent: degreasing agent is mainly used to remove oil stains from the surface of objects. In this case, it is mainly used to clean oil stains from the surface of springs, that is, to remove metal dirt.

3, immersion: small metal products available this method;

4, spraying: large metal products with this method is faster, uniform;

5, brush coating: paint anti-rust oil on the surface of metal products with a brush, for large products and complex shape of products more appropriate use this method;

6, dip coating: rotating wire spring machine metal products immersed in liquid anti-rust oil, take out to drain, some anti-rust oil too thick need to heat to a certain temperature.


Warm tip: do not use detergent, can also use alcohol or organic solution to wipe the equipment.The surface of the spring machine has obvious grease or stains, should first use a wet cloth to clean the surface, and then use detergent to clean, rather than directly using detergent.Choose a soft cloth for cleaning