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Spring machine operation procedures

Now in the market, spring machine has a spring, a necessary machine, solve the production problems of spring coil manufacturing industry, various shapes can be used. As spring operating personnel, to learn to spring machine operation procedures, the following will see together.

Spring machine operation procedures

(1) catch red urgent stop switch, according to the indicating arrow switch clockwise direction; Switch will automatically jump at this time.

(2) press the green button to start the machine, adjust the proper screen brightness; Press the test button, adjust the test speed, slowly to check the machine on the production process of steel wire to cut, prevent collision when machine is running.

(3) press the "zero" button, the machine will automatically return to zero and stop at the origin. Whether confirmation screen in the picture, otherwise

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(4) press the "start" button, the machine running at a speed of program input, after completing the first wire is to restore the normal speed of program input.

(5) ways to produce steel wire press the "start" button, press the "stop" button the machine will stop after cut off the wire.

Each product set, must do 5 PCS reference surface (5) the first check, confirmed by the quality, the supervisor approval rear can production. Ensure all size requirements conform to the process.

The above is about the content of the spring machine operation procedures, more information please pay attention to ussl intelligent equipment.