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The professional knowledge of the transfer line spring mechanical plating

Line spring machine in detail spring material selection sufficient must give full consideration to the purpose of the spring, key levels with load characteristics, size, circulation characteristics, operating temperature, the surrounding material, such as application standard, and its production and processing factors such as conditioning treatment, and rationality. Together in the spring production, people also need to grasp its surface to solve professional knowledge:

The professional knowledge of the transfer line spring mechanical plating

1. Whoever want to carry out plating for zinc and cadmium, after plating solution should be carried out in addition to hydrogen, after eliminating hydrogen pump 3% (many in 3) retest halt to solve, there shall be no split second interview. Be careful: spring should be cleared surface dirt, salt scar skin, air oxidation, ways to adopt the way of blowing sand or motor gasoline cleaning, but you can't use pickling passivation;

2. After the spring in the production and processing requirements for the solution of the surface, only during a electroplating processing solution. Spring after plating with corrosion resistant and have good-looking appearance, generally have a hot dip galvanized and electroplating nickel plating, there is a kind of material for light agent in electroplating, light agent nickel plating solution at present stage in most applications as light agent of organic compounds;

3. Line spring machine applied in the spring production and processing agent of the light of the secondary coil can make the nickel plating coating in full light, it makes the cathodic polarization and larger than the intermediate light agent, but there are individual income coating most brittle fracture, and the high current and low current plating is bad light intensity area.

Above is about to turn line spring mechanical plating of the content of the professional knowledge, more information please focus on guangdong ussl intelligent equipment.