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Camless spring machine, how to remove

  Since there are camless spring machine, saving a lot of human capital, in terms of product quality has been greatly improve. But the parts will be problem in normal operation, how to solve it, the following will see together without CAM spring machine, how to remove.

Camless spring machine, how to remove

  1, the interference fitting. Spring factory, detailed introduction to remove camless spring machine interference, should according to the size of the parts fit tolerance and interference quantity, choose suitable ways and remove the special tool. View from loose to tight tight pine level, has a mallet, tongbang, hammer or big hammer, drawing machine, etc. To remove. Too much interference or for maintenance to cooperate with each other, can be heat tolerance or water cooling is tolerance parts after quick come out again. No matter what kind of way to remove the application, must check if there is any additional fixed pins, screws, etc or positioning equipment, if there is must be removed first, applying position to the right, under pressure to fit, accurate orientation.

  2, remove the roller bearing. Remove spring machine roller bearing, in addition to remove the key point to carry out according to the interference fitting, should also pay attention to of transmission power as far as possible need not, removing of the rolling bearing in the shaft end, can use is lower than the nominal diameter of the rolling bearing copper bar or soft metal materials, a wooden stick against bearing end cover, were placed under the rolling bearing pad, reoccupy hammer knock.

  3, can't split open a connection disassembly. Spring factory, detailed introduction of the weldment can remove the sawing, flat chisel laser cutting, small chisel again after twist drill to drill a hole or saw, and acetylene cutting, etc. Riveting pieces of disassembly, acetylene cutting bolt head can be figured out, cut off, or use the twist drill to drill out bolt, etc., to remove camless spring machine key is refers to the removal of fittings, besides should follow the mentioned standard, but should also grasp the disassembly.

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