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How to properly operate the camless spring machine

  Camless spring machine is a kind of CNC machine. To operate CNC machine, we must learn to operate camless spring machine, so how to control camless spring machine correctly? Let ’s explain it to you below.

How to properly operate the camless spring machine

  1. Connect the power transformer of the all-around spring compression machine, use the detection range according to the sample, hang or take clothes on the swing bar and adjust the rocker of the buffer valve, point to the road marking, and compare the Collets are installed in the left and right jaw seats.

  2. On the roller of the tracer, the recording paper (graph paper) is rolled, and this item is only carried out when necessary.

  3. Clamp one end of the sample in the upper jaw, start the lower jaw motor, lower the lower jaw lifter to a moderate aspect ratio, and clamp the other end of the sample into the lower jaw. Care must be taken to make the sample vertical.

  4. Start the oil pump motor and adjust the needle to point to the zero point, twist the oil delivery valve to raise the test table to 10mm, and then close the oil valve. The fuel supply valve can be closed tightly.

  5. According to the loading rate specified in the experiment, slowly open the fuel delivery valve to carry out the loading experiment. After the sample breaks, close the oil valve and stop the oil pump motor.

  6. Put down the drawing pen on the putter and learn to prepare in advance for drawing (required only when drawing is needed). The record must be marked and will be drawn. Tensile testing machine, universal material testing machine, digital display universal machine, hydraulic servo motor tensile testing machine.

  7, open the oil return valve, throw the passive skill needle back to zero after throwing support, take out the ruptured sample, shrink and bend and other experiments can refer to various types of actual operation.

  After reading this article, how to properly control the content of the camless spring machine, is it a good gain? If you have any questions, please pay close attention to Yonglian Intelligent Equipment.