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Troubleshooting of camless spring machine

  With the development of the times, camless spring machines have been improved, surpassing many CNC industries in terms of performance, quality, speed and accuracy. When some operators control the camless spring machine, they must first understand the principle of the camless spring machine, and then the specific operation steps. This article looks at the troubleshooting of camless spring machines.

  Causes of camshaft abnormal return to zero without cam spring machine:

  1. The position of the sensor switch is too close, which causes the switch to stay on.

  2. The position of the sensor switch is set too far, and the signal cannot be sensed.

  3. The sensor switch is broken, and always on or off.

Troubleshooting of camless spring machine


  1. Reinstall the induction switch by rotating the camshaft to the high position of the screw, and then installing the induction switch. After touching the screw position, rewind the switch by 2 wires.

  2. If the switch is judged to be bad, replace the sensor switch.

  Most of the camless spring machines are controlled by AC servo. As a control system, the camless spring machine computer has a variety of controllers produced by different manufacturers in the market. Both are controlled by speed and position. To temperance. Regarding the system out of control, that is, the (speeding) defect mentioned by the tuning master, it does not appear randomly in the position-controlling upper computer (computer controller without cam spring machine). The relatively random appearance of China is also relatively difficult to eliminate defects.

  Failure reasons of camless spring machine system out of control:

  1 Power problem

  2 Servo motor encoder and echo related circuit problems

  3 There is a problem with the successive preparation of spring processing

  4 AC servo control board and related circuit problems

  5 Various types of restraint line connection lines, terminal problems

  How to troubleshoot the valve failure of camless spring machine?

  1, the safety valve cannot open normally

  2, the safety valve cannot be opened as usual

  3, the valve is leaking, there is no elasticity, the sealing surface is not strict


  1. Adjust or replace the spring, clean the dirt, such as air leakage grinding or replacement (calibrate according to technical requirements before use).

  2. Check the calibration and dismantle the calibration according to the instructions to eliminate the fault.

  The above is all about the troubleshooting of camless spring machine. For more information, please pay attention to this site: Union Spring (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.