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How to clean the wire rotating spring machine

There are many types of wire rotating spring machine, which solve the problem of different spring forming. It is the main machine used by spring people. Correct spring machine cleaning is also the maintenance of spring machines. How to clean the wire rotating spring machine. You can also use it in normal operations.

How to clean the wire spring machine

Cleaning method:

1. After cleaning up gasoline for vehicles, it will catch fire when it is exposed to high temperature. It is best to let the nature evaporate before tempering treatment.

2. Degreasing agent: Degreasing agent is mainly used to remove oil stains on the surface layer of the block. The key here is to remove oil stains on the surface layer of the spring, that is, to remove metal material stains

3. Infiltration: This method can be used for small and medium metal manufacturing;

4. Spray paint: This method is convenient and symmetrical for the manufacture of large and medium-sized metals;

5. Painting: Use a soft brush to wipe the anti-rust agent on the metal to make the surface layer. This method is more suitable for large object crafts and complex-looking crafts;

6. Dip coating: The metal manufacture of the wire spring machine is infiltrated into the liquid rust preventive and removed to dry. Some rust preventives must be heated to the necessary temperature when they are too thick.

Cleaning steps:

Grease and residue on the surface of the wire spring machine parts. The common cleaning methods are cleaning, foaming and cleaning. The method of cleaning process is clear according to the cleaning regulations of steel parts, the condition of steel raw materials, oil stains and residues. Different materials must use different cleaning actual results. Cleaning parts will increase the life of mechanical equipment. Connect a part.

So, how to clean the wire spring machine is also very particular about it. Have you learned it? Don't understand quickly contact Union Spring (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.