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Camless spring machine out of control solution

The camless spring machine is mostly controlled by AC servo. The computer on the camless spring machine is the control system. At present, there are many controllers produced by unqualified manufacturers on the market, which are controlled by one of two methods: speed control and position control. To troubleshoot a certain camless spring machine, we will take a look at the solutions to the camless spring machine out of control.

1 Power problem

2 Servo motor encoder and echo related circuit problems

3 There is a problem with successive programming of spring processing

4 AC servo control board and related circuit problems

5 There are problems with connection terminals of various control wires

How to troubleshoot the valve failure of camless spring machine?

1, the safety valve cannot open normally

2, the safety valve cannot be opened as usual

3, the valve is leaking, there is no elasticity, the sealing surface is not strict

Camless spring machine out of control solution


1. Adjust or replace the spring, clean the dirt, such as air leakage grinding or replacement (calibrate according to technical requirements before use).

2. Check the calibration and dismantle the calibration according to the instructions to eliminate the fault.

In order to improve the performance and service life of the camless spring machine equipment, it is necessary to use advanced heat treatment processes for the comparison of mechanical parts such as bearings and gears. The machine is easy to debug and the stability of the product is good. Fast production speed, high efficiency, small size and light weight.

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