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How much is the difference between spring machines with different number of shafts

As the processing requirements of spring equipment have changed, the numerical control spring machine has also continued to improve. This article outlines the differences between spring machines with different numbers of shafts. The "shaft" and "shaft" in the spring machine mean the support point. The gear transmission is connected between the components, and the AC servo motor is used to drive the equipment to cooperate with the equipment. The number of shafts will endanger the precision of the spring machine, the actual effect of forming, and the high efficiency of production and processing.

How much is the difference between spring machines with different number of shafts

Three-axis CNC spring machine: Most of the previous spring machine equipment should be dominated by three axes, that is, the feed shaft, cam shaft, and rotating mandrel. The relativity of molding is limited. It uses a separate AC servo motor to control the feed line. The eight cams on the control panel are controlled by an AC servo motor driver. Each corner cutter only forms the corners in a single plan, and the relative relativity of the forming action is limited. The manual service adjusts the cam position, which is quite complicated.

Five-axis CNC spring machine: It is basically the development trend of the three-axis spring machine. Most of the conditions are similar to the three-axis spring machine. However, the original three-axis basically improved the spool and the crankshaft of the winding engine. Each chamfering knife of the spring machine equipment is not subject to a single plan view, can form a three-dimensional chamfer, has a strong molding effect, and can maintain more complicated molding.

Multi-axis camless spring machine: It is a very good spring machine equipment at this stage. Compared to the two spring machines, each cam on the control panel is controlled by a separate AC servo motor driver, allowing the machine and equipment to be adjusted. simpler. And each blade can strictly follow the victory and defeat of maintaining the arbitrary stroke arrangement and random rate. A large number of shafts make the forming action more flexible and the forming effect more powerful. It can consider the various spring processing requirements at the current stage and have high efficiency in production. Have a considerable improvement.

The difference in the number of camless CNC spring machines not only has a great hazard to production and forming and high production efficiency, but this application difference will also be reflected in the price. The price of multi-axis camless spring machines is relatively higher. Therefore, when purchasing spring machine equipment, the company must carry out effective selection according to its own requirements.

The above is about the difference between the spring machines with different shaft numbers. For more information, please pay attention to: Union Spring(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.