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Types of wire forming machines

Wire forming machine can also be called 3D wire forming machine, which is used to bend metal wires. Common wire forming equipment on the market is divided into single-head wire forming machines, flat wire forming machines, and special-shaped wire forming machines according to the structure. The types of wire forming machines are explained below.

wire forming machines

1.Single-head wire bending machine:

Turn machine as the name implies is a device that rotates the work head, does not turn the wire, and forms a three-dimensional angle. This type of equipment is represented by the European and American French Numan and Italian OMECG, and the domestically well-established Huiting 580 machine. The characteristics of the rotary machine is suitable for making warp and rod products. The stability is very good, if the configuration is a high-speed motor, the production speed will also be very fast. The structure of the rotary machine is very intuitive and the debugging is very convenient. It will be the mainstream model of wire forming equipment in the future.

2. Flat wire forming machine:

Flat machine means: There is one or two flat plates at the front end of the processing area. This flat plate supports the machine in the process of forming products and plays a supporting role. This structure is suitable for the production of frame products, because there is a platform to support his stability. Of course, the production of small and short products is also very suitable. If the wire is too thick, more than 7.0mm, it is recommended to use a rotor.

3.multi-axis camless machine:

Multi-axis camless machine is originally a computer spring machine, because it is a full-servo numerical control equipment. There are 8-10 servo motors on the panel, and the degree of automation is relatively high. Very suitable for the production of some small products and special difficult products. Making a spring is his basic function, and making shaped wires has his obvious automation advantage.

The above is the explanation of the types of wire forming machines. For more information, please pay attention to Union Spring (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.