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How to choose a Spring Forming Machine

  spring forming machine is a kind of machinery we operate, specializing in the production of springs, torsion springs and wire forming. Many spring industries use this kind of machinery to produce, reducing human resources. The following union will take everyone to learn how to choose a spring forming machine.

  Introduction to the classification of spring machines by spring manufacturers:

  Spring machine is a production tool specializing in the production of springs and some hardware products. Spring machines are mainly divided into: compression spring machines, universal spring machines, torsion spring machines, snake spring machines, etc .

Spring Forming Machine

  1. The types of spring compression machines are different. The size of the wire diameter range depends on the size of the equipment. The spring compression machine is mainly used to produce compression springs, which has the advantages of high efficiency and stability.

  2. The spring manufacturer explained that universal spring machines are mainly divided into cam spring machines and camless spring machines. Cam spring machines are generally two to three shafts. The price is relatively cheaper. Camless spring machines are usually 8-10 shafts. There are multiple stations that can rotate freely, but the price is relatively high, which is generally about double that of a cam spring machine. The main advantage of a universal spring machine is that it is suitable for producing a variety of special-shaped springs.

  3. There are relatively few people using torsion spring machines in the industry, because most of the torsion springs are replaced by universal spring machines, but replacing universal torsion spring machines with universal spring machines has many disadvantages and low production efficiency. The scope of production is relatively limited.

  4. Serpentine spring machine is mainly used for producing sofa spring and mattress spring. It is a special equipment for these two springs.

  Spring factory explains how to match the spring machine:

  1. Measure the diameter of the spring steel wire (It is important to understand the diameter of the spring wire, different mechanical equipment will be used for different wire diameters)

  2. Which type of spring does it belong to (such as torsion spring, compression spring, butterfly, special shape, etc., different springs will use different spring machine equipment)

  3. Spring rules (metaphor wire diameter, inner diameter, outer diameter, number of turns, number of dense turns, pitch, foot length, angle, etc.)

  4. It is estimated that the output and monthly products to be produced every day, and the equipment needs to be able to meet the production of the number of products.

  The most important points for matching the spring machine model are: product wire diameter size, rules (outer diameter, inner diameter, number of dense turns, etc.), spring type, and required production capacity.

  The above is about how to choose a spring forming machine. For more information, please follow Union Spring (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.