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Purchase of Wire Forming Machine

Wire forming machine, as an automatic equipment for bending metal wire, has a wide range of applications, such as automotive parts, daily hardware parts, fishing gear parts, garden tool accessories, pet cage accessories and other fields. Therefore, you must pay attention to the purchase, the following will look at the purchase of wire molding machine together.

Wire Forming Machine

1, you should pay attention to what brand of motor and control system

2, manufacturers' experience and R & D strength when buying wire forming machines

3. Test the neutralization ability of the machine, don't make big problems

4. Is the price suitable for you, does it meet production, and is it value for money?

5. Is the speed really able to meet your requirements? If it is not high precision, and requires a large number of products, such as daily hardware products, wire basket products, etc., you can consider the low-end cheaper cam spring machine , Turn wire and wire forming machine. If it is a high-end product that requires high accuracy and stability, and is used for accessories on high-tech products such as cars, aircrafts, mobile phones, computers, etc., you must choose a rotor wire forming machine, profiled wire forming machine (camless wire forming). machine).

6. After-sales service response time, if there is a problem with the machine can solve the problem for you in the first time, there is another good way to test the equipment of a folding machine manufacturer is proofing. Generally, the market requires payment for proofing, but after The equipment tested in practice can be purchased with more confidence. With an investment of several thousand yuan, it is well worth testing the stability and feasibility of the production of hundreds of thousands of equipment.

The above is the purchase of wire forming machines. For more information, please pay attention to Union Spring(Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.