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How to deal with the leakage of spring compressor

The spring press saves a lot of manpower. As long as the spring press is adjusted, the machine will automatically produce springs, which is the embodiment of modern production. Many spring coiling machine manufacturers have encountered customer feedback that the spring coiling machine or the spring coiling machine has a leakage phenomenon. What should I do in this case?


㈠ Use a multimeter to measure the voltage of a CNC spring coiling machine to ground. Generally, it is normal to be below 60 volts. If it is higher than 60 volts, a ground wire needs to be installed.

① If the power supply has a ground wire, connect the power supply ground wire of the spring coiling machine,

② Connect the machine to a domestic hot metal pipe with an ordinary wire,

③Use an iron rod to a depth of about one meter below the ground, and then connect the machine with a wire.

㈡If the voltage measurement value is more than 60 volts and less than 150 volts and occasional power trips, it may indicate that there is a phenomenon of string power, especially if the type 8 spring coiling machine appears. It is recommended that the machine be connected to ordinary civilian power, not to 380 volt industrial power (one live line and one neutral line).

㈢If the voltage measurement is 200 volts to 220 volts, it means that there is damage to the wiring cover somewhere on the machine. First, check whether the wiring of each fan is damaged, and then check whether the line from the corner of the machine to the controller is damaged. If not, ask the electrician to check by exclusion method.

The above is how to deal with the leakage of the spring coiling machine. If there is a leakage problem, please follow the above operation to avoid danger.