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Maintenance and inspection of wire forming machine

As an operator of the wire forming machine, we need to pay attention to some minor faults in the wire forming machine, and perform maintenance and inspection to avoid affecting the product quality. Therefore, this article takes everyone to look at the maintenance and testing of wire forming machines.

 wire forming machine

1. Check the surroundings of the work site and remove all debris that obstructs work and traffic. There must be no oil on the ground to prevent slipping. Work pieces should be stacked neatly and firmly to prevent injury from falling.

2. Check whether the protective device on the wire forming machine is intact. If it is not installed, you are not allowed to drive. The intermediate frequency pipe bender should have good grounding and electrical insulation, and the voltage should be stable.

3. Check the lubricating part of the wire forming machine. When the oil is scarce and oil-free, fill up the oil.

4. During the trial run of the empty car, check whether the machinery is operating normally and whether the electrical switches are sensitive and easy to use. After everything is normal, work again.

5. When two people work at the same time, they should cooperate closely and coordinate. Designate someone to operate the switch. Do not talk or laugh with others during operation to prevent malfunction.

6. When the machine is started, the operator must not leave the machine.

We need to be able to maintain the machine in a timely and attentive manner, which can not only maintain the accuracy and stability of the wire forming machine, extend the service life, but also reduce the repair rate of the machine.

After reading the maintenance and inspection of the wire forming machine in this article, have you learned it?