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Analysis of CNC spring machine controller out of control

CNC spring machine controller is the main part. When operating the spring machine, pay attention to its runaway problem and learn to analyze the problem. Then let's look at the CNC spring machine controller runaway analysis together.

1, AC servo control board and related circuit problems

2, there is a problem with the successive programming of spring processing

3. Power problem

4. There are problems with the connection terminals of various control wires

5. Servo motor encoder and echo related circuit problems

6. The probe fails, the probe wiring is not good, and the probe precision and speed settings are not matched.

7. An abnormality occurs at the endpoint, the proximity switch is abnormally operating; an abnormality occurs in the proximity switch wiring; the surface of the magnetic induction object is very small; 2 original positioning points are too close; the internal parameters of the controller are incorrect (including the basic parameters of the endpoint rate being too high, the control The basic parameters of the analyzer are incorrect, etc.).

8. Press the "Reset" button to activate the motor, the main parameters of the AC servo motor controller are set incorrectly.

9. There is a big difference between inspection and full-automation. The high-end speed of the hand-cranked wheel or the high-end speed of light emission is not applied during the inspection.

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The above is the analysis of CNC spring machine controller out-of-control analysis shared by wire forming machine manufacturers. For more information, please pay attention to our official website.