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What to pay attention to when buying CNC spring machines

When talking about the CNC spring machine, you will remember that it is a spring, which is faster, more accurate and more effective than the traditional spring machine. If you want to buy a CNC spring, you must first understand his faint and basic information, such as the principle of the spring machine and so on. Let's take a look at what should be paid attention to when buying cnc spring machine, please read it in detail.

I. Generally speaking, a brand of CNC spring machine equipment has been successfully introduced to the market and has been widely recognized by users. It must be achieved through a market inspection process of about 5 years. Otherwise, there is no way to evaluate the quality of the machine. . Pay attention to the regulations on visits and inspections, and the regulations on surveys. You must pay attention to the regulations on survey quality. It is very necessary to guarantee the quality of the products, ensure the excellence in actual application effects, and pay attention to the surveys that are true and effective. .

2. For example, if you need to make tension springs, torsion springs, circlip springs and special-shaped springs, then you must choose a CNC universal spring machine (commonly known as a computer machine or an eight-claw CNC spring machine); , Then you have to choose a computer spring press; if it is a wire forming product, then you have to choose a camless CNC spring machine or a wire forming machine. In addition, for less demanding compression spring products, mechanical spring compression machines can be selected, and simple torsion spring products can be selected mechanical torsion spring machines.

Third, the comprehensive level of after-sales service not only reflects the value of the manufacturer's brand, but also reflects the strength of the manufacturer. Pay attention to after-sale concerns. The after-sale regulations must pay attention to the outstanding quality of after-sale guarantees. For the consideration of the quality of the products, it is necessary to meet the requirements on the actual application effect and ensure the consideration of the application.

CNC spring machines

In general, the above is about what should be paid attention to when purchasing CNC spring machines. We need to pay attention to the above three points to ensure the quality of purchased CNC spring machines.