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How to detect the positive rotation control of a spring machine

The widespread use of spring machines has been rapidly developed by many manufacturers. The electrical system route of spring machines has always consisted of two main power circuits and control circuits, and the control circuit can be divided into multiple basic control circuits or links (such as Start appears light, forward rotation, reduced pressure start, braking system, speed control, etc.). This article will look at how to detect the normal rotation control of the spring machine.

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(1) Investigation report before maintenance

1) Q: At first, grasp the up, down, left, and right conditions caused by the fault to the construction personnel of the spring machine. Is the fault suddenly caused for the first time or often? Is there any smoke, flashover, abnormal sounds and smells, and any confusion and Operation errors, etc. Because the construction machine of the spring machine has the best grasp of the characteristics of the spring machine, and grasps the possible causes and parts of the failure at first, it is helpful for the electrical equipment maintenance staff to basically apply the basic principles of electrical equipment to identify the detailed address and Analyze the cause of the failure.

2) Look: Observe whether the circuit breaker in the disconnector is fused. There are burnt scratches on the joint of electrical components and power lines.

3) Listen: whether the sound of the motor, control transformer, DC contactor and relay is normal.

4) Touch; After the spring machine electrical equipment runs for a period of time, disconnect the power transformer and touch the outer rim or magnet coil of the relevant electrical product with your hand, and test whether its temperature has risen significantly and whether there is a part of overheating.

(2) Analyze the electrical schematic diagram of the spring machine to establish the possible levels that cause the failure.

路线 Spring machine electrical equipment route is relatively simple, but it is also very complicated. For the simpler electrical equipment route, if it causes a failure. Only a few electrical components and two power lines will be clear at a glance. Even if the electrical products are checked one by one and the power lines are checked sequentially, it is easy to find the faulty part.

However, for electrical equipment with more complicated routes, the above methods cannot be used to check electrical equipment failure. Electrical equipment maintenance workers try to grasp and grasp the electrical equipment road map of spring machines, so that they can properly identify and quickly eliminate faults.

The above is about how to detect the normal rotation control of the spring machine. If you are interested, you can learn about the troubleshooting of the spring machine. I hope it can help you.