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How to judge the quality of wire bending machine

  When buying a mobile phone, everyone judges its durability based on the durability of the mobile phone pool. When buying a computer, you judge its quality based on memory and operating processing speed. Now when companies buy wire molding machines, they can judge how good they are based on the accuracy of the wire molding machine ? Let's analyze them together.

  If you want to know how accurate the wire bending machine is, you must first know which aspects it is evaluated from:

  1, send line;

  2, bending angle;

  3.Rotation arm rotation angle

  Among them, the wire feeding accuracy is 300 ± 0.2mm, the bending angle accuracy is ± 0.3 degree, and the swing arm rotation angle is ± 0.3mm. If the above accuracy requirements can be achieved, then the wire bending machine belongs to a class A equipment. As a result, the accuracy of the products produced is particularly high.

  Regardless of whether you are an expert or an expert, you must know how much precision a wire molding machine has when purchasing a machine, because it is related to the efficiency of the company's production. If you buy a machine with low accuracy or cannot reach the product The accuracy requirements directly affect the enterprise.

wire bending machine

  The above is about how to judge the quality of the wire bending machine. For more information, please pay attention to this site!