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Instructions for using metal wire forming machine

Reed wire forming machines have a wide range of applications. Metal, steel, and stainless steel materials can be used. But when we are operating, we need to understand the problem, let's take a look at the instructions for the use of metal wire forming machine.

metal wire forming machine

The quality of wire rod will have a great impact on the automatic production of wire bending machine. High-quality wire can reduce straightening time and increase production speed.

The metal wire forming machine uses coiled wire, high-quality coiled wire must have three main points:

(1) The wire diameter must be average, and the wire diameter error is within +/- 0.02mm, because an excessively large wire diameter will block the wire mandrel, forcing the wire mandrel to break, and a too small wire diameter will shake in the conduit. Makes forming unstable.

(II) The circular arc of the coil must be even and not twisted, and it can't be knotted. Although this device is equipped with a linear mechanism, it is only for precise adjustment. It cannot adjust the twisted and knotted wires. It can't adjust for the large unevenness of the arc. Yes, if the wire cannot be straightened completely, it will not be in position when the wire is sent to the twisting head, so it cannot be formed.

(3) The softness and hardness of the wire must be the same, because the material will rebound to a certain degree after being bent. If the material is not the same, the degree of springback will be different, and the shape of the product will be inconsistent.

The above is about the use of metal wire forming machine. For more information, please pay attention to the content of this site to solve your problem.