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Metal Wire forming machine parts

The metal wire forming machine can replace the equipment for manual production of metal bending forming products. So, what are the components of the metal wire forming machine? Let's take a look below.

Wire forming machine machine structure: distribution wire frame, straightening mechanism, wire feeding box, forming assembly, cutting device.

Feeding structure: This is a wire wire advancing device of an iron wire forming machine. It is pressed by one or two pairs of feeding wheels to press the wire, and the fan-shaped incomplete gear is used to drive the gear on the feeding wheel shaft. The rotation of the feeding wheel drives the wire. Straight forward, the feeding length is the circumference of the feeding wheel, and the unrolled length of the metal forming product can be determined by the rotating circle of the feeding wheel;

Straightening structure: The position of the straightening structure is between the rack and the feeding roller. It consists of two sets of straightening rollers. The purpose of the straightening system is to eliminate the original bending deformation of the steel wire, and the metal wire can be straightened after being straightened. Into the molding area, which will help improve the accuracy of the product;

Bending forming structure: After the straightened wire is conveyed to the bending area, the machine will perform bending forming according to the product bending forming parameters set in advance;

Cutting structure: After the metal product is molded, cutting the steel wire is a processing action after the product is dropped. When the molded product is cut, it is completed by a cutter. This is the processing structure of the wire molding product after processing.

metal wire forming machine

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