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What to do with wire forming machine

After the wire molding machine has been used for a long time, it will encounter large and small faults. These faults not only test the quality of our manufacturers' machines, but also test the technical and resilience of our technicians. So how does the wire molding machine move? What to do? Let's look at this problem together.

The phenomenon that the steel wire bending machine moves during feeding:

1.The speed measurement signal is unstable, such as the failure of the speed measurement device and the interference of the speed feedback signal;

2, the speed control signal is unstable or interfered;

3. The terminals have poor contact, such as loose screws.

When the wire bending machine's movement occurs at the moment of reversal from forward movement and reverse movement, it is generally caused by the backlash of the feed transmission chain or the servo system gain is too large.

 When these problems occur, we must solve them based on these phenomena. In the case that you cannot complete it independently, you should immediately respond to the manufacturer's personnel and seek their help to avoid secondary damage when solving the problem of fully automatic wire bending machine.

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The above is how to handle the wire forming machine. For more information, please pay attention to union spring.