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What should I do if the slider of the wire forming machine cannot return?

Wire forming machine is an important machine in the spring industry. It is used for springs, compression springs and torsion springs. However, during use, there will be some failures. For example, what should I do if the slider of the wire forming machine cannot be returned?

wire forming machine

1. Debug some parameters of the Y-axis bending. The bending parameters should be adjusted according to the actual situation. Some of the gains are too small, the slider will not move or cannot be in place, and the slider will shake if it is too large. The parameter should be adjusted to the slider during the action. Do not shake, the gain should be as large as possible, or the left and right valve offset settings in the diagnostic program are not good, too small Y axis cannot be in place, too large Y axis can not be unloaded, if it is hydraulic failure, you need to check the main pressure, check PV Whether valve S5 is always in the energized position;

2. It may be that the parameter gain setting of the bending part of the Y axis is too small, which can be appropriately increased, or the pressure is not enough, and the reason for the insufficient pressure is the programming reason or the signal and hydraulic part. The programming reasons mainly include die selection, wire size, and material. , Workpiece length, bending method, etc. The main hydraulic reasons are whether the oil pump is leaking, whether the proportional pressure valve is polluted or damaged, whether the filter element is blocked, whether the oil has been polluted, etc .;

3. Mainly for programming and operation reasons, check the programmed programs and processed workpieces.

The above is about what to do if the slider of the wire forming machine cannot return. For more information, please pay attention to our website.