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What factors affect the accuracy of wire bending machine

  When using a wire molding machine to produce products, if the product accuracy requirements are not met, then our operators must stop to find the cause. Otherwise, the work efficiency of the machine will be reduced due to the instability of the machine. What are the factors of the accuracy of the wire forming machine, let's take a look below.

 wire bending machine

  1, the impact of equipment accessories

  In addition to the main body of the wire, the wire forming machine is also equipped with a wire feeding wheel, a conduit, a lead plate, a closed cutter, an open cutter, a cylindrical corner head, a fixed corner head, a corner plate, a small straight corner knife, etc. Important parts, these parts are important parts to realize the wire feeding and processing process of the wire forming machine. If the quality of the supporting functional parts is not up to standard, or there is wear and tear or loose installation, it will easily cause the machine's inner and outer diameter, length, flatness or angle And other parameters change, which will cause unstable quality deviation of the bent product;

  2, the influence of bending wire

  The quality of the wire used for bending products is an important reason for the stability of the wire forming machine. Because the quality of the metal wire is not high, the standards for wire diameter and hardness are not high. Stability, uneven surface of the wire, uneven unevenness, etc. These conditions will greatly interfere with the straightening accuracy and wire feeding accuracy of the wire forming machine, making it difficult to achieve processing stability;

  3. The influence of operators

  Compared with spring-loaded spring machines and compression spring machines, the current wire bending machine are greatly simplified in operation and commissioning, reducing the threshold for operators to operate, but the operators are always connected between the bending products and the equipment. Important ties, any wrong operation will affect the operation of the equipment. The operator must adjust the equipment according to the actual wire and processing conditions, so as to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the wire forming machine.

  The above is about the factors that affect the accuracy of wire bending machine. For more information, please pay attention to union spring.