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What products can be produced by metal wire forming machine

Metal wire forming machine is a variety of flat or three-dimensional shapes made of steel wire, iron wire, copper wire or other metal round wire. At present, there should be more and more machines that can do wire forming on the market, so what products can be produced by metal wire forming machines, let's take a look below.

metal wire forming machine

1. Automobile parts: automobile seat, exhaust pipe hook, automobile headrest rod, automobile hood support rod, sun visor skeleton, automobile door lock lever, automobile rear seat wire, automobile 2.0 foam wire, Car double serpentine spring, car exhaust pipe hook;

2. Daily hardware: kitchen and bathroom display racks, racks, eggbeaters, kitchen cabinet baskets, refrigerator shelves, supermarket shelves hooks, supermarket trolley accessories, etc .;

3. Iron wire craft products: lighting molding products, wine racks, various steel wire iron molding gifts for Christmas, pet cages, bird cages, dog cages, mouse cages, breeding cages, etc .;

4. Other metal products: shoe racks, curtain hooks, display rack hooks, etc.

So, if you want to ask what products can be produced by the metal wire forming machine, this article can answer your questions.