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How to solve the failure problem of metal wire forming machine

The problem that any machine will break down needs to be treated rationally. Especially for our metal wire forming machine, if we want to solve the problem of wire forming, we must learn to solve the problem. Let's take a look at how to solve the problem of metal wire forming machine.

metal wire forming machine

1. Turn off the power of the metal wire forming machine, open the wire frame door, most of the wire frame circuit is installed on the door, carefully check to see if there are loose terminals, and then form poor line contact. If yes, please tighten the fixing screws.

2. The problem still exists, please open the iron box of the wire rod of the device (the old wire frame is rectangular, and the new wire frame is oval). You can see that there are two rectangular plastic photoelectric sensors close to the switch. Jog the switch, the right side is the tangled alarm switch. There is a red light on the switch. The light indicates that the switch has sensed iron objects. Under normal circumstances, the light on the tangled alarm switch is off. If the light is on, the switch may have sensed the iron box, please adjust the switch orientation. The best orientation is: Normally, the lamp does not light, but when the wire rod is pulled to the maximum orientation on the right, the sensor switch lights and does not touch the switch (spring grinder).

3. The problem still exists. Please open the wire rack door, you can see a row of relays on the door (square, transparent plastic shell, you can see the circuit inside). There are 4 old wire racks and 3 new wire racks, counting from left to right. The second one is a wire-wound relay. Take it off, clean the eight power-on pins on it, and plug it in according to the original method. If it still doesn't work, please replace a relay.

4. If the problem still exists, there is a switching power supply (the shell is made of white metal with a round grid) near the door in the wire rack, and there is a small green light on it. Turn on the power to see if the lights are on. If so, please use a universal meter to measure the voltage of the V- and V + feet. Note that this is the DC voltage. Whether there is 24v, if not, please press the switching power supply.

The above is about how to solve the problem of metal wire forming machine failure. For more information, please pay attention to the union spring official website