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Precautions for operation of 3D wire bending machine

The 3D wire bending machine can replace the equipment for manually producing metal bending products. During the use process, in order to ensure the stability of the product operation and the quality of the production, the 3D wire bending machine operation notes, what should we pay attention to, below Take a look.

3D wire bending machine

1. Correct installation and placement

After the machine is placed in the workshop, the bottom line needs to be fully grounded and leveled. During the transportation process, the manufacturer has a board with a wooden board underneath. It needs to remove the wooden board, place a rubber pad and place the equipment horizontally. The purpose of this is to prevent the 3D wire from folding During the production process of the bending machine, there will be no shaking due to the running of the machine;

2. Regularly tighten the bolts, lubricate with oil and grease

The refueling position is mainly bending, wire feeding gear and transmission gear, etc., keep the 3D wire bending machine running for a long time to remove organic oil lubrication, generally check the tightening of butter and bolt once a week

3. Keep the machine clean

Every day before work, employees need to clean the surface of the 3D wire bending machine, and the electrical box regularly blows off the dust with a hair dryer.

The above is about the operation precautions of 3D wire bending machine, I hope it will help you.

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