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    Camless wire rotary spring machine

    • Model :US-480R
    • Wire Diameter :1.5-5mm
    • Phone:+86 13823275918
    • Email:unionspring@authj.com
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    Camless spring machine


    1. using the unique camless and rockless arm design, the adjustment of the technical requirements are reduced, the adjustment time is greatly reduced, the adjustment speed is more than 50% faster than the traditional CAM machine, the production speed is fast, accurate positioning, stable operation, strong expansibility;

    2. Japanese Sanyo motor,  imported precision bearing parts , and  imported guide rail to improve the motion accuracy, ensure stable operation, durability and effectively extend the service life of the machine;

    3. Intelligent professional-level industrial computer operating system, multi-language display, easy to learn and operate operation interface , powerful functions to meet the requirements of complex multi-tasks.

    4. operating system protection device, wire feeding frame broken alarm, safety door protection mechanism, to provide comprehensive protection for the operator and the machine;


    Wire Diameter0.3-2.5mm1.5-5.0mm
    Wire Wheel Sets2 Sets3 Sets
    Slide Axis0.75KW*82.0KW*8
    Wire Feeding Axis2.7KW4.4KW
    Rotary Wire Axis2.0KW2.7KW
    Rotary Quill Axis0.75KW2.0KW
    Spinner Axis0.4KW1.2KW
    Machine Size1550*1500*1800mm32200*1930*1950mm3
    Machine Weight1500KG3000KG


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