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    Spring Forming Machine

    • Model :US-20
    • Wire Diameter :Ø0.5~Ø2.5MM
    • Phone:+86 13823275918
    • Email:unionspring@authj.com
    1. Detailed information

    Machine description:

    1. The machine adopts computer control system imported from Taiwan and servo motor imported from Japan.

    2. The four axis of the machine are cam axis, wire feeding axis, rotary quill axis, and spinner axis(optional accessory). The four axis can be operated synchronously.

    3. The position of each axis, the length of the wire feed, the production speed, and the number of production can be displayed on the screen. According to the working conditions on the display, the outer diameter and angle of the product can be modified at any time. It is equipped with precision detection and tracking equipment, which can automatically stop the machine if there are unqualified products.

    4, The machine is suitable for the production of double torsion springs, straight springs, tower springs, tension springs, rectangular springs, vortex springs and various fancy springs and shaped springs.



    Wire Diameter




    Wire Feed Wheel Sets


    Cam Axis


    Quill Rotary Axis


    Wire Feeding Axis

    2.7 KW

    Spinner Axis(Optional)


    Dimension (LxWxH)

    1300x900x1700 (mm)

    Weight (kg)