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Cryogenic technology treatment of CNC spring machine

Spring machine cryogenic treatment technology is a new process to improve the performance of metal workpieces. Let ’s take a look at the cryogenic processing of CNC spring machines together.

Cryogenic treatment, that is, using liquid nitrogen (-196 ° C) as a water cooling substance to persist the entire process of water cooling of the heat-treated metal material to a temperature far below the indoor temperature, and promote basic heat treatment The remaining ferrite is deepened and converted into austenite, which can make the steel hard and elevated, thereby improving the properties of metal materials. After the cryogenic technical treatment of the CNC spring machine, the wear resistance, ductility, and specification reliability of special tools for metal development can be more prominently developed, which doubles the development of the service life of steel parts.

The experimental results and results obtained so far indicate that the cryogenic modification technology can be applied in the following aspects:

ExperimentalThe experimental results and results show that cryogenic modification technology can be applied in the following aspects:

1. The progress of service life of high-speed steel cutting tools, cutting tools and measuring tools;

2. Improvement of life of cemented carbide tools and cutting tools;

3. Life improvement of cemented carbide bits and drilling tools;

4. Improvement of properties of waste diamond products, such as improvement of thermal stability of synthetic diamond, improvement of properties of synthetic diamond mining bits, diamond, 105mm saw blades, etc.

5. The performance improvement of the anvil of the diamond hot press;

6. The dimension of assembly parts of spring secret machine is stable.

7. Performance improvement of carbon fibers;

8. Improvement of service life of oil nozzles, springs, gears and bearings;

9. The service life of hot-working die and cold-working die in mechanical manufacturing industry has been improved.

Cryogenic technology treatment of CNC spring machine

Therefore, the cryogenic processing of the CNC spring machine is beneficial to the spring machine. For more information, please pay attention to our website.