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Spring machine principle is introduced

With the progress of science and technology, the increasingly frequent spring machine use and development into the gold stage, especially in the production of electronics, electrical appliances, stationery, instruments, toys, jewelry, handicrafts, sports equipment, cars, and other high-tech devices are widely used, the following together to share the spring machine principle is introduced.

Spring machine principle is introduced

Computer spring machine without CAM and rocker arm of the use of advanced design, truly realized without exhaust CAM, cutting tool reusable, mechanical parts adopt advanced design concept of the world, for production of ultra-precision spring design and become, the core and the Angle adopt servo motor turns, is a good way to simplify the machine process, reduce the machine time, thus greatly improve production efficiency.

Spring machine is to rely on a pair or two pairs of wire feeding wheel pressure, in order to feed the rotation of the wheel driving device for wire straight forward. The fan incomplete gear transmission feed shaft gear to complete, upper and lower roller at the same speed, but rotate in opposite directions. Feeding wheel rotates, feed length is feeding wheel circumference, spring unfold length can be determined by the rotation of the feed wheel turns, fan-shaped incomplete gear teeth is to control the feeding the rotation of the wheel turns.

The above is about the content of the spring machine principle is introduced, stay tuned for more information in guangdong ussl intelligent equipment's official website.