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Cutting method of metal wire forming machine

The metal wire forming machine can be produced, cut, straightened, etc., with a variety of functional effects. It can meet the needs of our product accessories. It is one of the main machinery of modern industrial equipment and has been recognized by many enterprises. This article is to share the cutting method of metal wire forming machine.

的 The cutting function of the metal wire forming equipment is the last step of wire forming. The metal wire is fed through a wire feeder, and then bent and cut. There are two cutting methods for wire forming equipment: servo cutting and hydraulic cutting;

First, servo cutting is a method of servo-controlled cutting of wires. The reducer is installed in the middle. It is fast, lightweight, and strong. The cutting surface is smooth and flat, and it is easy to cut products with thick wire diameter. The problem of high failure rate is solved, cutting is fast and convenient, and production efficiency is improved.

metal wire forming machine

Hydraulic shear break is the same as hydraulic expander. Hydraulic fluid flows into the hydraulic cylinder, and pressure is applied to the piston to cut. Hydraulic shears have large cutting heads and are not suitable for fine cutting. If hydraulic shear is used to damage the thick wire diameter for a long time, it is easy to cause oil leakage or other minor faults.

These streamlined hardware products are also more important for the selection of processing equipment because of the complexity of the product. The use of wire forming machines is more convenient and fast. . At the same time, the in-depth application of wire forming machines in the hardware and sanitary industry has greatly improved the automated production process and has more powerful competitiveness.

The above is related to the cutting method of metal wire forming machine. For more information, please pay attention to our website.