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Disassembly and assembly details of the spring coiling machine

  After purchasing a new spring coiling machine, in addition to the principle and skills of the spring coiling machine, the details of disassembly and assembly also need to be paid attention to. Let's take a look at the details of the disassembly and assembly of the spring coiling machine.

  spring coiling machine

  1. Assembly production process and content:

  1. Connection: There are many connections in the assembly, the connection of the components of household appliances, and the connection between parts and accessories. The key can be divided into two types: detachable connection and non-removable connection:

  A. Non-removable connections are not disassembled during the whole process of connected parts and components. Common non-removable connections include welding, riveting and clearance fit connection.

  B. Removable connection of interconnected parts and components does not destroy all parts, and can be connected again after disassembly. Common detachable connections include bolt connection, key connection and cotter pin connection.

  2. Effectiveness, adjustment and configuration: Effectiveness is to carry out correction and straightening of parts between parts. The common effective methods in the assembly of mechanical equipment are flat ruler effect, leveler effect, square ruler effect, Electro-optical effect, stainless steel wire effect and laser effect, etc. Correctly correcting the spacing and relative parts between parts will have a good effect, and it will also greatly help the accuracy of industrial equipment.

  3. Cleaning: the purpose is to remove oil stains and impurities on the surface or inside of the parts. The basic basic cleaning methods of the circular machine are cleaning, dipping, cleaning and ultrasonic cleaning. The selection of cleaning process methods is based on the cleaning regulations of steel parts. , The raw materials of steel parts, batches, oil stains and the characteristics of mechanical equipment impurities and adhesion conditions are clearly defined. Different materials will have different practical effects of cleaning. Reasonable cleaning has the effect of improving the quality of assembly and increasing the service life of yellow machinery. The key practical significance is that the core components such as rolling bearings, hydraulic seals, high-precision parts, and air intake systems are very important.

  4. Engineering acceptance: engineering acceptance includes simple inspection, adjustment, high-speed operation, load operation, accurate measurement, storage, etc.

  The above is about the disassembly and assembly details of the spring coiling machine, I hope to help you.