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Spring Coiling Machine operation skills

  In the current spring manufacturing field, the spring coiling machine is a universal and widely used spring processing equipment. Compared with other models, the operating pressure of spring compression equipment is low, and even novices can operate the machine after short training. So what are the operating skills of the spring coiling machine? Let ’s take a look below.

Spring Coiling Machine

  Installation and fixation of the machine mold.

  In general, we refer to the wire feed wheel, wire board, curve gauge, mandrel, cutter and pitch knife on the machine as the mold of the spring press. First, install the wire feed roller and wire board corresponding to the wire groove on the fixed position of the machine, adjust the alignment position between the wire grooves, and ensure that the spring wire can easily pass through the wire grooves of both. The second is to adjust the thread tightness of the wire feeding roller. If the wire is too tight, it will easily cause deformation of the wire; if the wire is too loose, it will cause the wire to slip or rotate. Once again, the auxiliary core and the cutter are installed. The bottom-most position of the cutter should be close to the side of the mandrel. No gap can be reserved, and the auxiliary core should not be pushed down. Finally, install the curve gauge and pitch knife, and perform the initial commissioning of the spring product in manual mode.

  Grinding and adjustment of machine mold.

  Generally speaking, the spring press mold provided by the supplier or spring press manufacturer is standard configuration, that is, there are corresponding wire slot specifications. During the debugging process of the operator, the grinding of the supporting molds is particularly important. For example, when the spring wire passes through the wire plate aligned with the wire groove, a wire scraping phenomenon may occur, then the operator needs to appropriately chamfer the wire groove of the wire plate. If the outer diameter of the spring is relatively small, you need to grind the wire end of the curve gauge into a sharp angle shape, and reserve an appropriate amount of wire groove. If the spring coil is tightly wound, you need to pass the curve gauge. The wire end thickness is polished, and a proper amount of wire groove thickness is reserved. Only when the spring wire enters and exits smoothly from the wire groove of the lead plate and the curve gauge, will there be no phenomena such as wire scraping, threading, and jamming when winding the spring.

  Adjustment of outer diameter of spring body ring.

  The outer diameter of the coil of the spring body is determined by the position of the curve gauge. After the work of grinding and adjusting the curve gauge is completed, it is necessary to adjust the outer diameter of the spring body ring. To adjust the outer diameter of the spring coil, we can refer to the specific parameters of the product to be debugged. If it is a cylindrical spring of equal outer diameter, it needs to be completed by adjusting the position of the curve gauge and the adjusting screw of the base of the curve gauge. For springs with unequal outer diameters (reducing diameters), it is not only necessary to adjust the position of the curve gauge and the base screw of the curve gauge, but also to install a reducing cam piece on the cam drive shaft. Among them, the high point position of the cam piece shape angle is changed outside the small diameter, and the low point position is changed to change the large outer diameter.Adjust the number of spring coils, pitch and length.

  The number of turns and length of the spring is determined by the length of the wire feed of the machine. We can edit the system Y-axis data in the computer system. The spring pitch (pitch) is controlled by the pitch pusher or pitch pusher on the machine. If it is a machine with an independent pitch axis, we can achieve it by editing the Z axis data in a computer system. . Taking a conventional two-shaft 08 spring press as an example, there are two ways to achieve the spring pitch: a pitch pusher and a pitch pusher. Generally speaking, springs with small wire diameters use the pitch pusher method, and springs with large wire diameters use the pitch pusher method. In addition, the structure of the spring also involves the opening methods at both ends, which mainly have two types: opening and closing. Among them, the opening method is to push the pitch from the first turn of the spring until the last turn; the closing method is that the first or second turn of the spring does not push the pitch, and the middle part is pitched.

  The above is about the operation skills of spring coiling machine. For more information, please pay attention to Union Spring (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd.