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Precautions for operation of wire forming machine

Wire forming machine has many advantages in wire forming. In terms of processing technology standards, it is suitable for the production of parts and components, and the bending production of various perspectives. Then this article will look at the contents of the precautions for the operation of the wire forming machine.

wire forming machine

1, the choice of wire

Wire forming products currently use more low carbon steel or iron wire, Q235 / Q195 for auto parts, stainless steel for kitchen and bathroom hardware. The best choice of wire is coil, smooth, good drawing process, small warp tolerance, and high surface finish.

2, the choice of equipment

Wire forming products are generally produced using wire forming machines. The selection of wire forming machines mainly has five indicators: stability, accuracy, speed, strength, and degree of automation. Among them, accuracy and stability are key.

3. Use of check fixture

Checking fixture is the standard for testing the wire forming machine and is the qualification standard for testing products. So be sure to do a check fixture. Achieve full inspection and shipment.

4. Professional technicians

Use the same wire and equipment to make the same product. Different technicians may adjust the accuracy and speed of wire molding products.

The metal wire is sent to the inside of the equipment through the wire feeding rack, straightened by multiple wire wheels, and the wire is sent to the processing end at the front of the machine. Angle, after bending and forming, it will be cut off by the server, and the cycle and batch will be processed and produced.

The above is about the precautions for the operation of the wire forming machine. For more information, please pay attention to our official website.