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How to deal with computer spring machine alarm

In the process of using the computer spring machine, there will inevitably be problems of large and small and the failure of the spring machine, especially if the servo alarm occurs, we need to understand the reason first, and we cannot operate blindly. Then, let's look at how to deal with the alarm of the computer spring machine.

1. The abnormal code is 21, which indicates that the power module is abnormal. The cause of the failure: ① U, V, W short-circuited or indirectly between the driver and the motor; ② The power module is overheated, check the cooling fan or adjust the installation heat dissipation method.

2, Exception code 41 or 42 is an overload exception. Causes of failure: ① The U, V, and W connections of the motor are incorrect or poorly connected; ② The driver file does not match the motor; ③ The resolution setting of the drive encoder is inconsistent with the motor; ④ The machine is stuck or the load exceeds the rated torque of the motor .

Spring machine

3. Abnormal code 43 indicates that the regenerative resistor is abnormal. Causes of failure: ① System parameter SYOB is set incorrectly; ② The internal or external regenerative resistor of the driver is damaged.

4. The abnormal code 61 is an abnormally high voltage. Causes of failure: ① The power supply voltage is too high; ② The regenerative resistor is faulty; ③ The driver is faulty.

5. The abnormal code 62 is an abnormally low voltage. The cause of the fault: ① the power supply voltage is too low; ② the driver is faulty.

6. Exception code 63, the phase failure of the main power supply is abnormal. Reasons for the failure: ① the three-phase main power supply is out of phase; ② the system parameter SYOO is not changed to 01 when the single-phase power supply is used.

7. Exception code 81 or 85 indicates that the encoder is abnormal. Reasons for the fault: ① the encoder cable is connected incorrectly; ② the encoder cable is loose or in poor contact; ③ the encoder wiring is too long; ④ the encoder cable is not connected to the motor line; ⑤ the encoder type is set incorrectly; ⑥ the servo motor encoder damage.

8. Exception code C1 is too fast. Reasons for the failure: ① The U, V, and W connection wires of the motor are incorrect; ② The servo motor's running speed exceeds the rated value of the servo motor; ③ The ground wire of the servo motor is not connected or not secure; ④ The parameter setting of the drive encoder does not match the motor.

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